Mazzoli Style

About Us

Lo Stile Mazzoli
Elegance is creativity, pleasure to be different from others, to be inspired by places and people : it is the essence of our style.
Thanks to a long experience in the field of fashion, after  improving my taste for clothes by studying, selling and experiencing new clothes, following a  creative impulse I decided to open a shop for men’s shirts, because the shirt is the symbol...
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Our Shops

Mazzoli Uomo
The shop is located in Corso del popolo, one of the historic streets where the best clothes of Treviso are sold. As the ABT symbol on the streetlamp outside the shop tells you, here the sophisticated elegance of the best Italian, English and American trademarks are combined with the most classic and elegant tradition.  Let Stefania help you discover our world. Her smile and her...
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