About Us

Lo Stile Mazzoli

Elegance is creativity, pleasure to be different from others, to be inspired by places and people : it is the essence of our style.

Thanks to a long experience in the field of fashion, after  improving my taste for clothes by studying, selling and experiencing new clothes, following a  creative impulse I decided to open a shop for men’s shirts, because the shirt is the symbol of tailored male elegance. Then, in order to give my customers a wider service, I opened the first clothing shop in a welcoming location where they could feel comfortable and find people able to understand their needs  as far as style is concerned and much more. The choice of the place, Corso del Popolo in Treviso,  was influenced by the need of historic continuity with the elegant and sophisticated tradition of the former owner’s atelier, Paolo Borsato, , who I regarded with esteem. Therefore I decided to preserve his symbol, ABT, which still dominates the pavement in front of the shop, engraved on a wrought-iron streetlamp. But the name simply had to be  Mazzoli because I felt (and still feel) that this first shop and the ones which came afterwards  are an integral part of my story and of myself. 

I believe that elegance never becomes unfashionable and that, although nowadays often the clothing industry no longer seeks for originality, wearing classy clothes means bringing elegance with you wherever you go. My choices are guided by two great tailoring traditions, the Italian creativity and the taste of English details. My passion for quality persuades me to choose personally the products and the trademarks I provide my customers with and I always try to satisfy the personal needs of my customers also with tailored clothes. 

My four shops are inspired by the best stores in London and New York and they combine the values of tradition with innovation and modernity in an elegant  atmosphere where customers may have a genuine relationship with our salesmen, since I believe that dealing with people is a very important aspect of my job.  My colleagues pay the same attention to customers and they  offer with helpfulness and competence an excellent service even to the more demanding customers. The same idea lies beneath my online store, a privileged  shopping area where the customer can count on the same reliability without leaving his house. 

Stefano Mazzoli